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amongst enjoying writing for stage and screen, izzie is proud to announce the creation of 'izzie winter productions', a video & theatre making production service looking to take your concepts to completion- combining their skills as a writer, director and theatre maker.

'for when i sleep'- music video 

writer, director & editor (2021)

made in collaboration with will priddis from hightown crow productions, for title song: 'for when i sleep', for their ep. creating a narrative focused short film, thematic inspiration was lifted from the lyrics.

a young artist lives alone in an old cottage. spending her days working alone in her studio, she begins to worry she is not alone in the house. fearing there may be a malevolent spirit in the cottage, the artist becomes unhinged and obsessive. her art becomes darker, and her worries grow stronger, as the house becomes no longer a home.


written and performed by izzie winter

'after receiving no support from the police, basil takes the matter of their missing sister into their own hands. compiling evidence and a list of suspects, they soon learn that their sister is on the run and there is someone they are trying to avoid, desperately...


a dark musical comedy full of twists and turns, izzie winter (they/them), presents a one-person show, telling a story of a neurodivergent lead 'basil', a mystery to solve and their journey to reconnect with their family.'

'MY SISTER IS MISSING.' premiered at the Drayton Arms Theatre on the 18.06.22, and will be opening at other venues in future...

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'containment'- short play

writer & director (2020)

created as part of london college of music's annual student project. two weeks were given to to devise a 20 minute play to be performed at lawrence hall theatre.

set in a dystopian future, citizens who commit even the smallest of crimes are contained within a second society. annually a select few are given a chance to escape, through a puzzle which may end in freedom or death.

'containment' discusses the morality of law and freedom, asking the audience: who deserves to be punished?

'iridescence'- musical (workshop)

writer, producer & co-director (2018)

in collaboration with stonewall's national young campaigners program, 'iridescence' was written and workshopped to highlight LGBTQ+ identities and to tell underrepresented stories about young, queer people. the songs and libretto were cast and workshopped over a period of 3 months.


poetry + prose

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