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who am i?

izzie uses they/them pronouns
(not yet) award winning, but still arguably quite good.

izzie winter is an emerging performer, writer, and director, working across theatre, music and film-making. izzie identifies as queer and neurodivergent. throughout their creative endeavours, izzie is inspired by the complexity of humanness- embracing the good, the bad, and the really quite revolting actually.

with their vivacious enthusiasm and questionable charm, izzie brings endless energy and usually some shortbread wherever they go. in 2022, whilst graduating from drama school, izzie released their first EP 'for when i sleep'as well as balancing the production of upcoming short film 'a psychopath named violet'.

izzie is always looking for bold and exciting new work to be a part of. 

drop me an email (if u like)

based in

london/oxfordshire, england

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