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who am i?

izzie uses they/them pronouns
(Not yet) award winning, but still arguably quite good.

Izzie Winter is an emerging writer, performer and director, and alongside this runs their own production company: Izzie Winter Productions.


Izzie is currently creating bespoke musical theatre writing by commission, as well as working as a freelance photographer. Izzie also produces spoken voice reels and singing reels for clients.


Throughout their creative endeavours, izzie is inspired by the complexity of humanness- embracing the good, the bad, and the really quite revolting actually.

Marking the launch of their debut EP 'for when i sleep' in 2022 Izzie completed the first workshop of their new musical: 'MY SISTER IS MISSING', for which they provided book, music and lyrics- as well as performing. The musical was recently presented to a sold-out industry audience at 'The Other Palace'.

Izzie is always looking for bold and exciting new work to be a part of.


For more of their acting working, click here.

drop me an email (if u like)

based in

london/oxfordshire, england

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