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"As a creative, Izzie is one of my most trusted collaborators, Izzie is extremely good at leading creative projects, their eye for detail is unparalleled. The quality of their writing and direction is impeccable and always entertaining. It’s always an absolute pleasure to work with them. I should be lucky to have them as a lifelong collaborator, as would anyone in the industry."

- Will Priddis- 'for when i sleep', 2022

"MY SISTER IS MISSING, is a brilliantly inclusive project. The space feels safe and creative and puts the artists' needs at the forefront. I have huge belief in the future of this show and am excited to see it develop"

- Georgie Rankcom- 'MY SISTER IS MISSING.'- 2023

"Izzie made me feel so at ease whilst recording and the outcome is just what I wanted- a reel that sounds like me, right now, and reflects the kind of work I want to perform."

- Darcey O'Rourke- Voicereel Client- 2023

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