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writer/director testimonial

by will priddis - hightown crow film productions...


"As a creative, Izzie is one of my most trusted collaborators. We have worked together over many years in several disciplines, so it should come as no surprise that Izzie is extremely good at leading creative projects. Her solid background in acting means that she is extremely skilled at working with performance and story in particular, and her eye for detail is unparalleled.


When I worked with Izzie as a co-writer and co-director on the music video 'For When I Sleep', this meant she could combine the broad strokes of the overall vision and the precise details of the production with ease. The quality of her writing and direction is impeccable and always entertaining. Moreover, she is warm and friendly with everyone she meets, so it’s always an absolute pleasure to work with her. I should be lucky to have her as a lifelong collaborator, as would anyone in the industry."

- Will Priddis, 2022

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