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musical theatre commissions

work with izzie

if you are looking to stand out in auditions, izzie is open for commission to write personalised full-length songs/audition cuts.

for longer length commissions or collaborations, or alternatively for examples of previous work please email  



to ensure the song is fully personalised to each performer's need, izzie will discuss the desired concept, range, tone, genre, amongst other preferences to create a piece that is completely representative of the individuality of the actor. izzie will then rehearse the piece 1 to 1 with the performer and will make any revisions necessary to ensure the performer is properly showcased.



16 bar cut/30-45 seconds- £75

32 bar cut/1:15-1:30 seconds- £120

full length song (3-4 minutes)- £175

izzie hopes to make this project accessible to lower-income/student performers, please do not hesitate to contact them with your budget and concept for consideration.

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